Applications-Software-Websites are both internal & external parts of a ‘system + network’ that consist of encoded information, data and guided instructions. Software or applications refer to the collective set of programs/features that we generally use on our PC/mobile phones (like a word-processor, OS, browser, antivirus, maps etc.) to make things work & perform certain tasks as needed.

With modern methodologies & based on our utility software/apps, processing tools and technologies vary to an enormous extent.

Software = Functions giving “intelligence” to a Hardware.

As we understand that different types of websites, software & mobile apps are programs based upon the fundamental rules & protocols of the networking, various web + mobile technologies & WWW.

Any Application-Software-Website should simplify our efforts, give optimum results and has to have efficient/innovative ways of problem solving.

We have to understand that IT (information technology) is a means, not the end. It’s here to help us, not to drive us. We have to choose and use IT right.

Contributing to the same domain, Atomants’ sincere and resourceful teams are working round-the-clock to craft and deliver customized and cost-effective IT services & solutions that breaks barriers and inspire a foundational DifferenceWithin.

To achieve the Objectives based on any specific requirements to create a ‘bespoke/custom’ Application-Software-Website following steps should be performed:


  • Focus on an idea, business’s needs & target audience.
  • Strategy & Planning.
  • Risk analysis, limits and IT consulting.
  • SRS/Charter, scope, Site Map, Wire-frames & Functionalities.


  • Create a friendly UI/UX for its customers/users.
  • Effective Page Layout & easy navigation for audience.
  • Use Web/mobile services, design patterns & Site development techniques, Naming conventions, Purpose/Colors/Content on website/app & strategic planning etc in the best possible ways.
  • Agile development styles & latest technologies to create modules & necessary processes.
  • Accessibility and ease.
  • Effective functionalities as required.atomants
  • Managing Content & Images.
  • Version control.
  • Site/app branding and map.
  • Privacy policies & Disclaimers.
  • Email subscriptions & forms.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance.
  • Stay LIVE, Maintenance.
  • Server & Support.

Other Installations* (Optional)

  • Inventory, Stock Management, Customized Tax calculations.
  • Customer Relationship & Live Stock availability options.
  • Online Transfer Facility and Payment gateway integration.
  • User Management.

We care for your comfort both as a business/client and as an end user too. Our qualified teams will be performing all the necessary actions to achieve the best of IT, a vision demands. From Applications, Software & Websites to LIVE support and branding for your idea, atomants are surely making a difference.


As we know how Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest etc. have grown to become attractive platforms for Internet users. We stay connected and informed through these different mediums online.

Digital marketing (SEO/SMO/PPC) packages provided by Atomants are unique to every customer’s needs & are focused towards the best Internet recognition of the client’s business as a whole.

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